Understanding of Red hair


We all know that it’s easy to get red hair but hard to maintain..

In getting red hair one must know the color that is wanted to achieve, if it’s pop red or dark wearable or what I like to call uniform color 😉

To achieve wearable red, hair must be brown in color, either light brown ( light red) or medium brown ( darker red). If you hair is darker then medium brown then bring your hair to medium or light brown by using white powder bleach because we want to lighten hair but keep the red pigments ( if that makes sense)
Next dye your hair with any red hair color box and below are 2 of my best box colors



And your done

As for maintaining the red color intensity I love love love the loreal casting hair color. It’s temporary hair color that acts as your conditioning toner.. This is to be applied once a month


And there you have it..Red hair color to stay


Dry skin foundation

Hello dolls,

As I was requested from a friend of mine to write about foundation routine for dry skin.
The main thing in applying face makeup is to prime your face and apply UV cream. A good uv cream is olay in my believe because it gives you everything you need plus 20 to 30 uv protection 🙂


Then apply your liquid foundation. Now depending on ur look or coverage you going for, medium or full coverage.
Again for medium coverage I would recommend olay because it’s uv cream + tint of foundation.


Or if your going for a good coverage try MAC fx or l’oreal or even revlon color stay, these are the best for dry skin and coz no breakouts.



And always finish it up with loose powder so that makeup lasts you all day


P.s: hands down still on the garnier roller with tint of color as your concealer 😉 your eyes will love you xxx


Understanding brown hair

Brown hair is in now a days and there are tons of different browns from light, medium to dark brown.
The main focus is to know if your going for golden reddish brown or cool/ ash brown …

Picture above shows medium to dark brown but with red undertone, which in the hair dye box will be the brown with chestnut or worm hair color.

As for the above picture it’s medium brown but with ash or cool tone, so it will be written in the dye box ash brown or cool brown whether it’s light, medium or dark brown.
So to get the exact color, bleaching your hair if it’s dark then coloring with box dye
But if your hair is light and your going brown ( darker) then you have to make sure that your hair is with reddish hue if your coloring to worm browns or ash base if your going cool browns.

Black or dark brown hair and want to achieve chestnut brown ( red base)
To do: bleach hair with white powder bleach and developer then use the box dye desired 🙂
Note: developer usage depends on the result of brown wanted to achieve, light brown 30 vol, medium to dark brown 20 vol.

If you want to get ash brown from dark hair as well,
To do: bleach hair with blue powder bleach and developer then color using box dye that says ash brown or cool brown whether it’s light, medium or dark ash brown
Note: developer usage depends on the result of brown wanted to achieve, light brown 30 vol, medium to dark brown 20 vol.

Now that it’s clear I’ll post some reddish brown hair color and ash browns just to get more ideas and clear thoughts on brown levels

Light yellow/red undertone= light chestnut brown

Medium red/yellow brown

Dark reddish/yellow brown

Light to medium ash brown

Dark ash brown

Understanding bleaching and box dye

Hi all,
First of all I’ll post briefly about hair bleaching

In hair bleaching we look to achieve two results browns and reds or whites and blues.
These are the hue that result when bleaching, the difference we get by using white powder bleach or blue powder.


With the powder we mix the cream developer. Now the ratio of powder to developer depends on the brand of the bleach and developer. Some times it’s one scope of powder to 2 scope of cream or just one and one.




The cream developers are volumised from 10 to 40
Vol 10 is the least and generally used to tone the hair ( will talk about it later on)
Vol 20 is used to remove the previous hair coloring as it lightens the hair but slightly.
Vol 30 is best used for bleaching with white or blue powder as it is the least damaging and might need to apply it to hair twice or more cos it gradually bleach without damaging hair as much as 40 vol

Vol 40 is used if you have healthy hair and want to achieve quick result , knowing that it’s the most damaging developer due to it’s high percentage of peroxide.

After bleaching hair you must color or tone the hair, hair can not be bleached only

Home hair coloring

Hey babes,

So I’m planning to do a page where I only talk about hair color and how to achieve it at home.

Each page will be about certain hair color ( brown, platinum , black or red)
And how to get it according to your current hair color 🙂





Can’t wait

Green undertone !!


Hi babes,

In this year’s hair color we defiantly noticed a lot of green undertones weather it was dark brown, light brown or even blonde.

We are talking about cool colors or colors that has cool tone cos this basically means that the hair color contains cool tone of blue or green underneath it.

The easiest way to achieve these gorgeous hair color if your hair is already dyed is to add cool tone to it. Toners will let your hair pick up an under tone which u need to get this greeni undertone.

Eliminating or removing red tone n depositing green or blue tone is what your going for. ( blue tone if your goin black )


so if your going blonde


platinum blonde


Or even dark brown


Make sure its with cool tone of green or blue cos cool tones are the color for 2011-2012
Who said we can’t get hair color that suits us and still be in trend 🙂 xoxo

Undercut side haircut

Hi all,
As the title says hair cut of 2011-12 is defiantly the side hair cut.

It is as simple and straight as how it sounds. Hair shaved or cut on one side.


The style defines your look instantly 🙂 and you can always have your hair parted in the middle to hide the shaved side 😉
Leaving u with more pics, so that next time you go to your hair stylist, think of getting this hair cut 🙂 xoxo




How to: Curly hair


Hi all
This is a quicki of how I do my curly hair.. So let us start

Wash my hair then condition after towel drying I put little serum then blow dry

Serum I use Is the Argan oil from Hask

Next I section my hair in 4, and curl each section 4 to 6 pieces. I use this curler tool


after I’m done I let it set for 10 min thm again apply little serum n brush my hair with my fingers to set the curls apart
And ur done 🙂

Daily foundation routine


Hi all,

As a working person, the last thing you want to do is getting up every morning to pile up makeup only knowing that it’s going to melt or suffocate you after 4 hours..

So I came up with this routine that I do where it allows my skin to breath through out the day and cures the skin from all the scaring and wrinkles 😉

This routine is for an oily skin very oily

I start with washing my face with an oily skin face wash, then use my olay touch of foundation


This is my best everyday cream cos it fixes the skin + give little coverage to even out the skin. I then apply concealer under my eye using garnier eye roller with tint of color and believe me when I say “u don’t need more then that”


Last I apply my MAC select sheer press powder all over concentrating on my T-zone then coat my lashes with maybeline black drama mascara


There u go light and quick and also heals the skin from wrinkles and breakouts 🙂

VO5 spray


This is by far the best ever ever product I have ever used in my life 😉 (true story)

It’s called Tame n shine and it does what it promises !

Your suppose to wash your hair, blow dry then spray it and flat iron your hair. Then say bye bye to fly hair n helloo to silky shine hair.
As Simlpe As That 🙂



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