Green undertone !!


Hi babes,

In this year’s hair color we defiantly noticed a lot of green undertones weather it was dark brown, light brown or even blonde.

We are talking about cool colors or colors that has cool tone cos this basically means that the hair color contains cool tone of blue or green underneath it.

The easiest way to achieve these gorgeous hair color if your hair is already dyed is to add cool tone to it. Toners will let your hair pick up an under tone which u need to get this greeni undertone.

Eliminating or removing red tone n depositing green or blue tone is what your going for. ( blue tone if your goin black )


so if your going blonde


platinum blonde


Or even dark brown


Make sure its with cool tone of green or blue cos cool tones are the color for 2011-2012
Who said we can’t get hair color that suits us and still be in trend šŸ™‚ xoxo


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