Understanding bleaching and box dye

Hi all,
First of all I’ll post briefly about hair bleaching

In hair bleaching we look to achieve two results browns and reds or whites and blues.
These are the hue that result when bleaching, the difference we get by using white powder bleach or blue powder.


With the powder we mix the cream developer. Now the ratio of powder to developer depends on the brand of the bleach and developer. Some times it’s one scope of powder to 2 scope of cream or just one and one.




The cream developers are volumised from 10 to 40
Vol 10 is the least and generally used to tone the hair ( will talk about it later on)
Vol 20 is used to remove the previous hair coloring as it lightens the hair but slightly.
Vol 30 is best used for bleaching with white or blue powder as it is the least damaging and might need to apply it to hair twice or more cos it gradually bleach without damaging hair as much as 40 vol

Vol 40 is used if you have healthy hair and want to achieve quick result , knowing that it’s the most damaging developer due to it’s high percentage of peroxide.

After bleaching hair you must color or tone the hair, hair can not be bleached only


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