Understanding of Red hair


We all know that it’s easy to get red hair but hard to maintain..

In getting red hair one must know the color that is wanted to achieve, if it’s pop red or dark wearable or what I like to call uniform color 😉

To achieve wearable red, hair must be brown in color, either light brown ( light red) or medium brown ( darker red). If you hair is darker then medium brown then bring your hair to medium or light brown by using white powder bleach because we want to lighten hair but keep the red pigments ( if that makes sense)
Next dye your hair with any red hair color box and below are 2 of my best box colors



And your done

As for maintaining the red color intensity I love love love the loreal casting hair color. It’s temporary hair color that acts as your conditioning toner.. This is to be applied once a month


And there you have it..Red hair color to stay


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