Understanding of blonde hair


Today I will guide you through the process to achieve blonde hair.

whether it is dark blonde, pale blonde or even platinum blonde, having the right tools and knowledge will make you achieve the desired color and keep your hair healthy. No 1 really wants fried blonde hair 😦 so let’s start;

To get blonde hair one must understand the process which consist of:
Treatment ( conditioning. )

bleaching : this is the first step and the most important of all, once this is done the right way, you can assure that the desired color will be achieved.
Bleaching powder should be the blue powder to eliminate the red tone from hair, and is mixed with developer of vol. 30 at max because the 40 vol and above is damaging to the hair.
This process can be done twice or three times at Max. You want your hair to be yellow like the banana skin and not whiter then that.
Between the first bleaching and the second you must condition the hair and rest it for at least 2 days then continue the bleaching round.
When applying the bleach mix to the hair, always leave an inch from the roots. apply to the entire hair, leave it for 50 min then apply to the roots and leave it for 5 more minutes.

This is your banana hair and where bleaching process should stop.

conditioning: between bleaching the most important thing is conditioning, try to invest on good conditioner that repairs damaged hair. Try wella or l’oreal

toner: once your hair is bleached to a banana skin color then you are ready to tone it to get the blonde or platinum hair color.
Toner is mixed with developer of 10 vol. Because we want to deposit color at this stage.




Now your toner depends on your color result. It’s always better to pick the hair guid book and see the hair color your planning to achieve then garb the toner number indicated in the book.

maintainance: to maintain the color result you should frequently use the blue shampoo.
once in a while when using blue shampoo, keep it on the hair for a little while, when doing so the blue shampoo acts as a toner and eliminate brassiness and any orange or yellow undertone :).
Also deep condition the hair at least once a week…


That’s it dolls you are now ready to enjoy being blonde 🙂 xoxo


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