NYX butt naked palette

hi dolls ,

Its been ages since I last posted ( I know ) , but im back and will try my best to post regularly cos I have so much and im trying to make time in my daily schedule to write and post blog :))

so let us start with this eye-catching palette from NYX, the butt naked eyes

I love how it has more matte eyeshadow then shimmer once, which makes it an easy everyday eyeshadow. the color pigmentation is nice, I would give it 9/10 cos the color pays off easily and you don’t get chunk or  patches which happens with any cheaper drug products.

To me its the ultimate must have for an everyday nude eye make-up for work or even simple smokey day eyes .

the palate comes with 4 blusher from nice pink blush, orange , dark rose to a brown pink with little shimmer. And it also contains 2 bronzer and 2 highlighter, what more could you ask for.

I think it’s a must have and heard people say its a dupe for naked palette.


Bright lips are ON !


Hey dolls,

How are you all doing! Bright lips are on, yes yes yes

Pink, Orange, Red or peach dare to wear them all
Polished look with cream blush, loads of mascara and bright lips 🙂

I would recommend NYX lip liner then top it with any lip balm


now leaving you with pics to get you all girls inspired xoxo



remember the makeup look should be polished

Nude lipsticks


Hey dolls,

Yes it’s nude lipstick time 🙂
I have a long term love relationship with nude lipstick 😉 To me it is a must have and Is always there in my purse.
So with my experience I have decided to list down the best nude lipsticks on the market that Is pigmented, smells and looks sasy :

creme-d-nude by MAC: Mac has loads of nude lipstick but only 2 of the best and this is surly one of them. This is nude on the pink side meaning it has a pink undertone and works great on fair skin tone to medium.

gaga MAC by Mac: is the second best Mac nude lipstick with yellow undertone that works great on medium to olive or even dark skin tone.

Chanel allure no.59: one of my favorites

Chanel coco- shine: similar to the allure

D&G in nude classic cream: my love, it’s a mix of pinky and yellow undertone that works on almost every skin tone xoxo


YSL in sensual silk: that goes on as silk.

YSL in sweet honey: yellow tone that is perfect for the yellow toned skin.

revlon in nude: If your just starting on nude color lipstick and want to explore the nude side try the revlon cos it has the same finish of the high end products but cost less…

Lip liner


Hi dolls,

I went for a little makeup shopping and I saw (sale) 🙂 to me it only meant 1 thing, experimenting new products 😉

So on that spirit I bought loads and loads of lipliners with different shades to cover reds, pinks and orange so let’s start with the swatch and my thoughts on them:

NYX in dolly pink : this works best if your looking for that bright pink with blue undertone and you could turn that medium dark pink lipstick you have to a bright one rate: 8/10

NYX in nude pink: this is the best nude pink lipliner that is creamy to apply and you could get away by lining all over your lip and put a gloss and your good to go. rate:10/10

prestige in 40 fleur: this is a dark nude color that I think works best on a darker skin color. It’s super pigmented and so creamy which makes it easy to apply. Thinking to use it then top it with red lipstick. rate:5/10

Deborah in 215: dark nude with light brown under tone that works great with any gloss/ lipstick that has yellow base to create the best nude lips. rate:10/10

styli-style in 1105 Honey: this is one of my favorite lipliner omg you guys this is my second liner. It claims that it stays on for 24 hours and it does stay for a good 8 to 10 hours 🙂 and also it is suitable for light to medium skin color and needs nothing more then a gloss rate:10/10

B.vain hydra gel : this is the best pop pink I have ever tried, it is soft and super pigmented and dries to a Matt finish, which means it has staying power. rate: 10/10

NYX retractable liner indark red: if I could I would buy all the lipliners from this line, simply the best, super pigmented, strong color, easy to use and no sharpener needed. I bought long back MAC matte lipstick in Ruby woo but found it too bright but pairing it with this liner made it possible to wear during the day.rate:11/10

NYX in 824 orange
When I get up in the morning and think of sunny weather and minimal makeup with loads of mascara nothing finishes the look but a bright lips and orange is on my list. Coverage is perfect and needs only a gloss.rate:8/10


Also bought eyeshadow in pure Skin and is my everyday all over lid make up I use it with loads of mascara and nude or bold lips rate:10/10

Eyeshadow brush


Hey dolls,

I do apply eyeshadow when ever am out and can’t live without my shadow brush set, or should I say my 2 must have shadow brushes.

” The round brush and the flat brush”

This flat brush is what I use to put on my shadow on the lid of the eye and under my eyebrow ( high lighter)


Then I take this round brush and apply darker shadow around my crease line and blend the shadow.

That’s it after that I just apply mascara and pencil my eyebrow.

If I would have to recommend only one shadow brush I would say the round brush ( blending brush) and use your finger tip to apply lid shadow instead of the flat brush


foundation brush set


Hello dolls,

I will share with you the best brushes to use for perfect and easy applicant so lets start 🙂

for face : applying foundation, concealer and finishing powder (lose powder)

I found that the best foundation brush is the fiber brush because not only provides fast and quick application but gives you a flowless and airbrush finish in no time.

My tip: when i apply my moisturiser i spread it on my face with the brush then apply foundation that way i use less foundation and get flowless finish.


Next is the concealer brush. flat brush is the best and could be used under eye and concealing red spots on the face


face powder comes last but is essential to set the makeup to last longer and can also be used for applying blusher (if your using light natural blush)


there you go, the essential brushes for perfect flowless look and my next blog will be on eyeshadow essential brushe set 🙂 cheerss

Dry skin foundation

Hello dolls,

As I was requested from a friend of mine to write about foundation routine for dry skin.
The main thing in applying face makeup is to prime your face and apply UV cream. A good uv cream is olay in my believe because it gives you everything you need plus 20 to 30 uv protection 🙂


Then apply your liquid foundation. Now depending on ur look or coverage you going for, medium or full coverage.
Again for medium coverage I would recommend olay because it’s uv cream + tint of foundation.


Or if your going for a good coverage try MAC fx or l’oreal or even revlon color stay, these are the best for dry skin and coz no breakouts.



And always finish it up with loose powder so that makeup lasts you all day


P.s: hands down still on the garnier roller with tint of color as your concealer 😉 your eyes will love you xxx


Daily foundation routine


Hi all,

As a working person, the last thing you want to do is getting up every morning to pile up makeup only knowing that it’s going to melt or suffocate you after 4 hours..

So I came up with this routine that I do where it allows my skin to breath through out the day and cures the skin from all the scaring and wrinkles 😉

This routine is for an oily skin very oily

I start with washing my face with an oily skin face wash, then use my olay touch of foundation


This is my best everyday cream cos it fixes the skin + give little coverage to even out the skin. I then apply concealer under my eye using garnier eye roller with tint of color and believe me when I say “u don’t need more then that”


Last I apply my MAC select sheer press powder all over concentrating on my T-zone then coat my lashes with maybeline black drama mascara


There u go light and quick and also heals the skin from wrinkles and breakouts 🙂

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