Lip liner


Hi dolls,

I went for a little makeup shopping and I saw (sale) 🙂 to me it only meant 1 thing, experimenting new products 😉

So on that spirit I bought loads and loads of lipliners with different shades to cover reds, pinks and orange so let’s start with the swatch and my thoughts on them:

NYX in dolly pink : this works best if your looking for that bright pink with blue undertone and you could turn that medium dark pink lipstick you have to a bright one rate: 8/10

NYX in nude pink: this is the best nude pink lipliner that is creamy to apply and you could get away by lining all over your lip and put a gloss and your good to go. rate:10/10

prestige in 40 fleur: this is a dark nude color that I think works best on a darker skin color. It’s super pigmented and so creamy which makes it easy to apply. Thinking to use it then top it with red lipstick. rate:5/10

Deborah in 215: dark nude with light brown under tone that works great with any gloss/ lipstick that has yellow base to create the best nude lips. rate:10/10

styli-style in 1105 Honey: this is one of my favorite lipliner omg you guys this is my second liner. It claims that it stays on for 24 hours and it does stay for a good 8 to 10 hours 🙂 and also it is suitable for light to medium skin color and needs nothing more then a gloss rate:10/10

B.vain hydra gel : this is the best pop pink I have ever tried, it is soft and super pigmented and dries to a Matt finish, which means it has staying power. rate: 10/10

NYX retractable liner indark red: if I could I would buy all the lipliners from this line, simply the best, super pigmented, strong color, easy to use and no sharpener needed. I bought long back MAC matte lipstick in Ruby woo but found it too bright but pairing it with this liner made it possible to wear during the day.rate:11/10

NYX in 824 orange
When I get up in the morning and think of sunny weather and minimal makeup with loads of mascara nothing finishes the look but a bright lips and orange is on my list. Coverage is perfect and needs only a gloss.rate:8/10


Also bought eyeshadow in pure Skin and is my everyday all over lid make up I use it with loads of mascara and nude or bold lips rate:10/10


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